Granite is a magmatic rock, of great beauty and uniqueness. It transmits the strength of nature evoking its origins. Granites basic composition built upon quartz, feldspar and mica gives a high hardness in accordance with the Mohs Scale as well as a high resistance to abrasion; besides, it’s fully recyclable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.


Despite traditional and uniform of medium grain being the most popular, the Levantine has an extensive variety of unique and exotic material of different colors, shapes and shades, including some with oversized shafts.

Levantine Granites range is unparalleled to any other given its color availability and exotic materials, which gives an enormous ability to adapt to different trends in interior and exterior architecture, such as walls and pavements. It gave completely different innovation in the world of worktops with its own brand NATURAMIA.


Levantina Granite is available in a range of finishing: polished, smoothed, blasted, aged, satin and flamy.

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